Monday, 4 April 2011


been painting one of my warhammer models wonted to know what people think of it pics are a bit crap soz :(

its a hive guard if people wonted to know iv'e got three of them need a forth though

I'm happy of how its come out now

Friday, 1 April 2011

Pie 2

Ok to answer all the questions i had ill elaborate a little bit more on the rainbow pie.

-M- asked
why can't I eat it all?  Why just most of it? Does it regenerate itself?
that is because you might die if you eat it all the human body can not take that much magic in. You would get two wishes if you did but by the time you eat it all there's a high probability you would be dead. no it doesn't regenerate it kind of goes mouldy but the mould is bright red this has a use as a light but not much else and it doesn't taste very good at all.

Prowler asked
did you draw it?
nope the girlfriend did she dose all the drawings i have she gets bored at college and asks me for ideas so I help a little bit.

Jay.CA said
more wishes
Well that you can not do because to much magic in a human will kill them soz :(.

Any way i forgot to tell people that the pie is guarded  by PANDAS with kitchen knives will have a pic made up so you can get a better idea soon.

The super power that I would like is teleportation allays liked that.