Thursday, 31 March 2011


now i don't like pie that much don't like the crusts but I would probably eat rainbow pie. What's rainbow pie you might ask ill tell you its a magical thing which you have to go to the moon and find, and if the legends are correct it gives you one wish if you eat it not all of it just most of it.
this is what one might look like

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so that's why I wont to go to the moon i would probably wish for the super power i wont but ill tell you all that later

what would you wish for?

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I love cartoon pandas not the real things that much well there ok when there young but when they get old they are a bit odd to me any way thought id share some pics my girl friend made of pandas for me

i like the second one better looks fuzzy soz about the size of the pics and if there not that good.

Monday, 28 March 2011

1000 points Tyranid list

well didn't have time for a game to day oh well will have one on Wednesday maybe.
the list i am going to use well am planing to use is as follows its only 1000 points.

1    Tyranid Prime

3     Hive Guard

2     Venomthropes

10    Termagants
10    Termagants

11     Hormagaunt
with   Adrenal Glands
         Toxin Sacs

2       Tervigons
with   Adrenal Glands
         Toxin Sacs
         Cluster Spines

and that is all would like to know what people think of the list might make some changes to it if i can think of what to do to it.


Ok well this is going to be a place where i can think out loud, publish my battle reports of warhammer 40k, my views on the world, and just be me. I hope it goes well and i have fun doing it will try to post as much as i can hope people find some of it interesting will post an army list soon got a warhammer 40k game to night pleas let me know what people think of it will have a report after I've played